You’re not worth your salt as a designer if you don’t understand your medium. At TitleNine I built landing pages and e-mails for a million dollar clothing sale. I learned the ins and outs of code by developing sales emails for mobile phones. How else would customers shop while sitting on the toilet? My short contract taught me responsive development. A skill that allowed me to grow into my career as a UX designer. Shortly afterwards I started at PIQUE as a product designer.

Client: TitleNine
Team: April Marquet, Amy Suits, Brandt Hargadon
Key Role: Stylistic Layout, Graphic Design, Email Coding






UI engineering isn’t UX by all definitions. But it is by my definition:

UX designers design from a high-level product and user experience perspective while also executing at the detail-level across interaction, interface and visual design.

Good UX designers can write basic code. I learned advanced code from this contract and it prepared me for everything I faced at PIQUE and For example, at I was able to code and release my own layouts! In one instance I redesigned a page navigation and tested its net clickthrough with Optimizely. It was awesome! I owe my ability to code from opportunities like TitleNine.

This work is purely code. While it doesn’t show you my UX thinking, it shows my ability to understand technical limitations and create HTML prototypes. 

Landing Pages Produced


Emails Produced