I helped craft visual design for a branding agency in San Francisco. I prepared compelling designs to win over the hearts of millionaires and fortune 500 companies. Check out the work below. 

Client: Butchershop Creative
Team: Tony Dekliene, Ryan Henbest, Ian Ernzer, Kenny Chan
Key Role: Branding, Typography, Wireframing, Mockup implementation, Hi-Fi Prototyping, Presentation Design

The Emerson


The Emerson was a luxury condominium from the Lennar Multifamily Company(LMC) a fortune 500 residency company. I helped annunciate the entire spectrum of visual media. Including print and digital media. 

Try Everything

Creating an original brand requires that you make, make and make. It's a monk-like form of charity. It requires you give your everything to it. At Butchershop I put my all into creating new and compelling visual design. 

bring it to Life

Nothing excites a client like their brand in the wild.


I shaped the motion and look and feel around the website. You can see the parallax and flat-card style I introduce here on the live website.