5 Cent Furniture

Project: Mondavi Shrem Museum
Project Length: 6 month
Team: Sydney Patterson, Samantha Block, Sara Kim, Mattan Haman
Key Role: Prototyping, CAD Design
Professor: Tim McNeil

Design is supposed to be fun. So when things got a little boring with my professor's design initiative, I made some toys to spice up the process. Have I said that people love toys? People are really children on the inside. That's right. Only your body grows old, because even professors love rearranging miniature tables. 

The table design is about collaboration. The curvature of the table span opens people to working together. We think about it like the letter 'U'. If a team is assembled around the perimeter, they can all focus on one problem, at the center of the 'U'. If the team lines the inside they can can face their work independently, but still interact to the right and left. 

I design and laser cut these replicas with cardboard.  

If you want, I've included the vector files for you