• Hackathon: TreeHacks(Stanford)
  • Project Length: 72 hours
  • Team: Solo
  • Key Role: CAD Design,       conceptualization, execution

The earliest internet services of the 2000s were gifting sites. This was the first time people spent money online. Over the last decade Amazon made affiliate links, and ultimately sequestered and acquired these companies. That's not all. Amazon also brought the price of delivery down phenomenally. Indirectly, it allowed services like Dollar Shave Club to be price competitive(DSC delivers all your shaving needs for under 4$ total).  Their monthly price includes the cost of delivery. Considering the cost of shipping and giftgiving- the primitive service of the internet, I built a modern service for showing your love. 


Cheap and fun.

5er is about making gestures. Giving someone something useful but cheap. If you've seen the website, the gifts are simple: headphone-wraps, iPhone car chargers, Smirnoff Ices and music. 


Lasers and Tape

I wanted to make cardboard boxes more cute. Boxes are known for their sharp corners, unergonomic edges and flip-floppy tops. I'm not about that. Using sketchup, I made a simple box, and extended it to fit my other sizes. Taking inspiration from Halo, I chamfered the edges to give it a toy essence. I recreated the panel dimensions in Illustrator, and gave each side tabs. The laser took care of the cutting, etching and branding. Helvetica ftw. 


Branded cardboard

Nothing reinforces simplicity like reinforced cardboard. Also, cardboard is a material that easily translates from prototyping to production. The cutting, bending, and joinery stays the same.