Class: Environment Design (DES 163)
Project Length: 10 weeks
Team: Solo
Professor: John Driscoll
Key Role: Design, GIF-making, Coding(HTML, CSS, JQuery)

Davis is a hard place to date. And that exactly what makes it so fun to find a great date spot. I'm not just talking about the impressive restaurants or yogurt-chains. You' know. Somewhere cute you can talk before your first time at their house. Or at least place where you don't feel obligated to spend. 

To help out my newbie brothers, I built a site to demo the best 1 on 1 sites in Davis. *Queue link to the actual website* You can visit it to learn about our romantic coldesacs, courtyards, and catwalks. 

I developed my design in the following process. By living vicariously through newbie-daters, studying the most enlightening mediums, and building a narrative. When thinking about my audience(college students) I knew that I was appealing to a very uninitiated demo. College is when you first really date! 





My message needed to comfort the user about the experience, and give them some empowering ideas. I paired a short quips to every one of my pages- to give the user the sense that they were talking to an older brother or Tina Fey- someone really informal they could trust. For example

"Does one of you have a car? You should know that changes everything. For instance, with a car you can go visit the world's most beautiful sunset Culdesac. Right here, in Davis. Here's some relevant conversation to go off: urban exploring, hobbies other than school, what you would be reincarnated as."



This language could work well. Now how could I make the date-spots speak? What would show that they're good enough places to 'just talk'? My first answer was full screen imagery, but then I remembered the message. Users needed guidance on what a date is. So I decided to cast my girlfriend in a walkthrough of each location. Subtle video would be my medium. A simple video could reveal how a couple breathes life into a location. 


I owe a lot of this project to the iPhone and youtube. Using just the 5s, I was able to shoot and upload all the 1080p footage. I used a magical youtube app called Youtube Uploader. Using this app I could full-res video to youtube from my data plan. You can fit a lot on a 16Gig iPhone, but Youtube Uploader make it possible to shoot as much as you want. A few improvised paper-tripods made it possible to get my angles. Thanks to all my friends for sharing their spots and awkward first-time stories.