Conference: Inside Out
Project Length: 6 month
Team: Cory Warshaw, Chris Myers, Carly Sanstorm, Rachel Du, Hedayhi Hidari
Key Role: Design management, sourcing, execution

When we heard about JR's project we knew we had to bring it to campus. Davis is a close knit incubator- we're a bunch of students and associated citizens living in peace.  Amongst our 4-year curriculum there's brotherhood, religion, and friendship. But we take our community for granted. We march through our daily to-dos, only glimpsing at the unique characters around us. Beneath our resting bitch faces there's more- we're expressive, engaging and entertaining. I mean- we're capable of selfies, snapchats and memes, when did we leave face-to-face experiences behind? Inside Out is all about still shots of active character. Face-to-face interaction. Seeing others eye to eye. We knew we had to put that on campus. So with this creed we planned. We found the best place for an installation was Social Sciences. Strangely enough for a humanities building there's absolutely nothing human about it. Towering walls prevent light from getting in. An exterior stairway spirals nowhere. All passageways and paths are misleading . It's rumored that Antoine Predock designed it intending for subjects to get lost. But that's the idea– people greet eachother to ask for direction. SocSci was the perfect representation of our sheltered campus. So when we started asking people for their picture we sought their sincere character. We used the portraits to show friendship and interaction. Our still-life shots play with another. Like this cute couple below. Ultimately, Inside Out is about seeing your friends, your expressions, and seeing yourself.